Microsoft PowerPoint: Intermediate / Advanced

PowerPoint Training Series | Level 2

Course Details

Duration: 2 days

Microsoft® PowerPoint® Versions: 2010 | 2013 | 2016 | 2019 | 365 (Windows)

Delivery Methods: Instructor-led classroom (ILC) | Virtual classroom (VC) on request

Course Dates: June 5/6, 2019 | View schedule Course schedule

Course Fee: $545 CDN per person + HST (bring your own device) or $595 CDN per person + HST (Avantix Learning provides device)*

Note: Public scheduled dates for this course are delivered as live instructor-led classroom training.

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Course Overview

Make your PowerPoint presentations stand out and learn lots of time-saving strategies during this hands-on course. Students will create presentations using outlines, built-in and custom themes, custom masters and templates. Images, drawing objects, SmartArt, tables and charts will be inserted on slides and formatted in various ways. Many different types of animations and transitions will be applied and participants will run slide shows using different techniques. Videos, sounds and hyperlinks will also be added to presentations to bring them to the next level. Throughout this course, the instructor will include numerous tips, tricks and shortcuts. Each student will also receive a full course manual.

Prerequisite: Microsoft PowerPoint: Introduction or equivalent knowledge and skills.

Location and timing: Public scheduled courses are held in downtown Toronto and run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

Custom training: This course may be delivered at your site or ours as an instructor-led or virtual classroom solution. Contact us at for more information including savings for custom group training.

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  • Comprehensive course manual
  • Keyboard shortcuts quick reference
  • Sample and exercise files (new samples added frequently)
  • 5+ professionally designed templates
  • Refreshments (for classes conducted in Avantix Learning classrooms)
  • Certificate of completion
  • Follow-up email support

Course Topics

Key Concepts in PowerPoint

  • Working in PowerPoint’s different views
  • Rearranging a presentation using various strategies
  • Applying and resetting slide layouts
  • Using keyboard shortcuts for navigating and selecting

Customizing PowerPoint

  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar to include common and hidden buttons
  • Changing key PowerPoint options

Working with Themes

  • Understanding theme components
  • Comparing themes and templates
  • Applying built-in themes to format a presentation
  • Using a theme from another presentation or template
  • Creating and saving your own theme, colour theme and font theme

Creating and Editing Slide Masters and Layouts

  • Editing the slide master and layouts in the Slide Master view
  • Changing backgrounds on slide masters and layouts
  • Adding footer items and logos on slide masters and layouts
  • Creating new slide layouts in the Slide Master view
  • Preserving slide masters
  • Importing masters from other presentations

Inserting and Formatting Images

  • Inserting images into presentations
  • Resizing images using different strategies
  • Nudging images
  • Cropping images in different ways
  • Making pictures lighter or darker and changing contrast
  • Changing picture color
  • Applying special effects to images
  • Removing backgrounds from images using different tools
  • Making an image transparent (changing opacity)
  • Reducing file size

Creating Shapes, SmartArt and WordArt

  • Drawing, resizing and formatting shapes
  • Quickly duplicating shapes
  • Using PowerPoint shortcuts to copy formatting to multiple shapes
  • Inserting SmartArt to create pre-defined drawing objects such as cycle diagrams, Venn diagrams and organization charts
  • Formatting SmartArt objects
  • Creating interesting text effects with WordArt
  • BONUS EXTRAS: Applying a spotlight and other tricks to focus on part of an image or slide area by combining drawing objects and animations

Displaying Information in Tables

  • Inserting and formatting tables using table tools
  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns
  • Applying different types of formatting to tables
  • Inserting Excel data into a slide as a table or an object

Visualizing Data using Charts

  • Inserting a chart on a slide
  • Editing the datasheet and returning to PowerPoint
  • Applying different formats to chart elements
  • Changing the chart type
  • Using tips and tricks when working with charts
  • Saving time by creating a chart template

Animating Text, Pictures, Shapes, SmartArt and Charts

  • Adding entrance, exit and emphasis animation effects to text, pictures and shapes
  • Adding motion path animations
  • Setting animation effect options
  • Adding animation effects to multiple objects on a slide
  • Removing animations
  • Animating charts and dealing with chart animation issues
  • BONUS EXTRA: Quickly copying animations from one object to another

Inserting, Formatting and Managing Audio and Video

  • Inserting video and sound into presentations
  • Controlling the playback settings of multimedia files
  • Embedding vs linking videos and sounds
  • Trimming video and sound files
  • Changing video brightness, contrast and colour
  • Displaying a starting frame for a video
  • Adding and removing bookmarks
  • Playing videos and sounds from a bookmark location
  • Packaging a presentation with linked files
  • BONUS EXTRA: Inserting text to appear at specific times over videos during a slide show

Automating Navigation with Hyperlinks

  • Creating non-linear presentations using hyperlinks
  • Navigating using text and image hyperlinks
  • Linking to other slides, PowerPoint presentations, a web site or other Microsoft Office files such as an Excel spreadsheet
  • Editing and formatting hyperlinks
  • Using hyperlinks on masters and layouts
  • Creating a main menu slide with hyperlinks

Importing Slides and Content

  • Importing slides from other PowerPoint presentations (with or without formatting)
  • Benefits of reusing vs copying slides
  • Importing content from Microsoft Word and creating presentations automatically
  • Key issues when importing from Microsoft Word

Running Slide Shows Efficiently

  • Running a slide show and using various tips and tricks to control the show
  • Jumping to a specific slide during a show
  • Applying transition effects to slides that appear during a slide show
  • Controlling timing of transitions

Running Custom Shows

  • Saving time by creating different shows for multiple audiences
  • Running a custom show using different strategies
  • Updating shows

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