Microsoft Excel: Core Functions (Part 2)

Microsoft Excel Training Series | Level 3

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Duration: 1/2 day (3 hours)

Microsoft® Excel® Versions: 2016 | 2019 | 2021 | 365 (Windows)

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Course Overview

This hands-on Microsoft Excel course is designed for the user who wants to learn to use more advanced Excel features and functions including text functions, date functions, time functions, INDEX / MATCH functions, logical functions such as AND / OR, and IS functions. Students will also use some of these functions in conditional formatting. During this hands-on course, students will practice their skills and have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the instructor. Each student will also receive a full course manual with tips, tricks and shortcuts as well as sample and exercise files.

Prerequisite: Microsoft Excel: Core Functions (Part 1) or equivalent knowledge and skills.

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  • Comprehensive course manual or published book
  • Keyboard shortcuts quick reference
  • Sample and exercise files
  • Refreshments (for classes conducted in Avantix Learning classrooms)
  • Certificate of completion
  • Follow-up email support

Course Topics

Combining, Separating and Formatting Text Strings

  • Using text functions to manipulate text strings (8+ text functions)
  • Extracting text strings from from the left, middle or right of cells
  • Finding and replacing text using functions
  • Joining strings of text from two or more cells
  • Separating data into multiple columns using text functions
  • Changing case using text functions
  • Removing extra characters from data

Performing Date Calculations

  • Understanding how Excel interprets dates
  • Entering valid dates in Excel
  • Converting invalid dates into valid dates
  • Using date functions to manipulate dates (10+ date functions)
  • Extracting date increments from cells such as year, month and day
  • Calculating the number of days or working days between two dates
  • Calculating the date a specific number of working days from a date
  • Finding the last day in the current month or a future month
  • Creating calculations for fiscal months and quarters
  • Using conditional formatting to highlight data within specific date periods

Performing Time Calculations

  • Entering valid times in Excel
  • Understanding how Excel interprets times
  • Calculating the difference between times
  • Working with hours and minutes


  • Combining INDEX and MATCH functions as an alternative to VLOOKUP
  • Benefits of INDEX and MATCH
  • Using the CHOOSE function vs VLOOKUP

Using AND, OR and IS Functions

  • Using AND and OR functions in expressions and conditional formatting
  • Using IS functions to test for cell values

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