Microsoft Access DateAdd Function

Category: Microsoft Access Date Functions

Applies to: Microsoft® Access® 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365 (Windows Desktop)

The Microsoft Access DateAdd function adds a time or date interval to a date and then returns the date.


DateAdd (interval, number, date)



The Interval parameter is a required time or date interval to be added to a  specific date (such as year or month using codes).

Use the following codes (in quotes):

yyyy   =   year

q   =   quarter

m  =  month

y  =  day of the year

d  =  day

w  =  Weekday

ww  =  Week

h  =  hour

n  =  Minute

s  =  Second


The number parameter is a required number and is the interval to add to date. The number can be positive for dates in the future or negative for dates in the past.


The date parameter is a required date (typically a date field) to which the interval is added.


The following 3 examples refer to either a date field and function or functions (you may enter function names and field names in lower case):

Calculate a date 6 months from a date:


Calculate a date 1 year from a date:


Calculate a date 15 days before the current date (the Date function is used here for the current date):


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Microsoft Access DateAdd Function
The DateAdd function adds a time or date interval to a date and then returns the date.
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