Microsoft Project 2013 Version Overview

If you're considering upgrading to Project 2013 before attending a training course or arranging custom training, check out this list of some of the new features in Microsoft Project 2013.

If you are considering upgrading to 2016, check out new features in the Microsoft Project 2016 version overview. If you're working on 2010, see the Project 2010 version overview.

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Microsoft Project 2013 New Features

Applies to: Microsoft Project 2013 for Windows

The following are some of the key new features available in Microsoft Project 2016. Some features are only available in certain versions of Project.

New Look and Feel

Project 2013 features a new look and feel. The mouse movements have an animated feel and the Ribbon tabs appear in capital letters.

Revamped Reporting in Project 2013

Project 2013 has added a totally new way of creating reports. Run built-in reports and customize reports in new ways. You can add pictures, charts, animation links and drawing objects to reports in 2013.

Project 2013's built-in reports make use of new graphics and formatting capabilities. You can add or remove elements and change colors.

New Burndown Reports

New burndown reports show planned work, completed work and remaining work as line graphs.

Task Path Highlighting

You can now identify which tasks are the most critical to your project's success with new Task Path highlighting in Gantt charts.

Cloud Storage

Microsoft's cloud storage, SkyDrive, is now OneDrive and SkyDrive Pro is now OneDrive for Business. You can easily store Project information in the cloud.

Start Off with Templates

When you start Project 2013, you'll see many new templates. You'll also see these templates when you choose File and then New.

Sharing Information

You can use Office online for online meetings and share your Project information.

Work Remotely

If you have purchased Project Online, you can access a full version of Project from almost anywhere even on devices that don't have Project 2013 installed (Windows 7 or later must be installed). Updates are automatic, so you'll always be working with the most recent version.

Set Task and Project Dates up to 2149

With Project 2013, you can set task and project dates up to 12/31/2149.

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