Microsoft PowerPoint: Upgrading to PowerPoint 2016

PowerPoint Training Series | Level 3

Course Details

Duration: 1 day

Microsoft® PowerPoint® Version: 2016

Delivery Methods: Instructor-led classroom (ILC) | Virtual classroom (VC) on request

Course Dates: July 18, 2018 | View schedule Course schedule

Course Fee: $295 CDN per person + HST or BYOD (bring your own device): $245 CDN person + HST*

Note: Public scheduled dates for this course are delivered as live instructor-led classroom training.

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Course Overview

Learn great new features in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 during this hands on training course. Work with new commands, apps and add-ins to get the most out of PowerPoint. Students use new design, animation and transition tools as well as create screen captures using the exciting new screencasting tool. This course will also focus on sharing presentations as well as collaborating in various ways in 2016.

Prerequisite: Intermediate / Advanced PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 or equivalent knowledge and skills.

Custom training: This course may be delivered at your site or ours as an instructor-led or virtual classroom solution. Contact us at for more information including savings for custom group training.

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  • Comprehensive course manual
  • Keyboard shortcuts quick reference
  • Sample and exercise files
  • Refreshments (for classes conducted in Avantix Learning classrooms)
  • Certificate of completion
  • Follow-up email support

Course Topics

Working in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Environment

  • Changes in the Ribbon in PowerPoint 2016
  • Overview of new commands and features in 2016
  • Adding commands to the Ribbon and creating new tabs

Designing Presentations

  • Using new themes, variations and templates
  • Aligning objects with Smart Guides
  • Merging shapes
  • Colour matching with the eyedropper tool

Animations and Transitions

  • Overview of new animation and transition effects
  • Transitioning with cinematic motion using Morph (365 only)

Using PowerPoint's Designer

  • Using design recommendations with PowerPoint's new Designer (365 only)

New Chart Templates

  • Creating charts using new chart templates including Treemap, Waterfall, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker and Sunburst

Creating Widescreen Presentations

  • Converting older presentations to widescreen
  • Making use of widescreen themes and templates

Using Enhanced Presenter Tools

  • Setting up Presenter View with multiple output devices
  • Viewing notes and slides in Presenter View
  • New features in Presenter View
  • Zooming in on a portion of slide
  • Going to a specific slide during a presentation

Working with Audio and Video in PowerPoint 2016

  • New multimedia formats that are supported in 2016
  • Using the Play in Background feature
  • Converting a PowerPoint presentation to video
  • Creating a screencast or screen recording in PowerPoint

Creating and Sharing Presentations

  • Sharing presentations in different ways
  • Recording your screen using PowerPoint 2016's new screencasting functionality
  • Annotating audio
  • Recording audio or video speaker notes
  • Analytics for audience views of uploaded presentations

On-line Meetings with PowerPoint

  • Sharing PowerPoint presentations on the Web
  • Sending out links to slides
  • Starting and managing a Lync meeting using the Office Presentation Service

Collaborating on Presentations

  • Working with staff together on the same presentation with different devices
  • Using the comments pane to provide feedback to others
  • Showing and hiding comments and revisions

Managing Presentation Files

  • Saving PowerPoint presentations as Portable Document Format (PDF) documents
  • Storing presentations on cloud-based services such as OneDrive

Other Apps and Add-ins

  • Apps and add-ins in 2016
  • Inserting quizzes

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Presenter delivering a presentation during a Microsoft PowerPoint training course.

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