Microsoft Excel 2007 Version Overview

The following is a list of key new features in Microsoft Excel 2007.

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Microsoft Excel 2007 New Features

Applies to: Microsoft Excel 2007 for Windows

The following are some of the key new features available in Microsoft Excel 2007.

The Ribbon

The Ribbon first appeared in 2007 and offers a new way of navigating compared to the traditional Excel menus. The Ribbon tabs are arranged in groups and certain tabs only appear when you have a specific item selected such as a picture.

Office Button (Backstage View)

The Office button replaced the traditional File menu and is also called the Backstage View. Here you'll be able to open, close, save and print your documents.

Customize the Quick Access Toolbar

In Excel 2007, you have the ability to customize the Quick Access Toolbar and add your favorite buttons.

Improved Sorting and Filtering

Excel 2007 includes significant improvements for filtering lists, Check boxes now appear automatically for filtering most fields. You can filter multiple items and also filter in pivot tables. You can also sort by more fields and sort by color and dates.

Format Using Themes and Styles

Excel 2007 includes themes which are tied to styles. A theme is a predefined set of colors, fonts and effects that can be applied to your entire workbook. There are predefined styles that are based on the theme that you can choose to apply to tables, charts, shapes and cells. You can also create your own themes and styles.

Enhanced Conditional Formatting

Several changes have been made to conditional formatting. You can now apply data bars, icon sets and other types of conditional formatting.

Larger Spreadsheets

You now have 16,284 columns and 1,058,576 rows. This is a significant increase from Excel 2003.

Resizable Formula Bar and AutoComplete

In Excel 2007, the formula bar now resizes so a formula doesn't cover data in the cells. Excel 2007 also now has an Autocomplete feature where a drop-down menu appears when you start to type in a function.

New Functions

A few new functions were added in Excel 2007 including SUMIFS, COUNTIFS and IFERROR.



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