FileMaker Pro: Intermediate

FileMaker Pro Training Series | Level 2

Course Details

Duration: 2 days

Software Versions: 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 (other versions on request)

Delivery Methods: Instructor-led classroom (ILC) | Virtual classroom (VC) on request

Course Dates: December 27/28, 2018 | View schedule Course schedule

Course Fee: $595 CDN per person + HST or BYOD (bring your own device): $545 CDN person + HST*

Note: Public scheduled dates for this course are delivered as live instructor-led classroom training.

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Course Overview

During this course, users will move to the next level and use some of the more advanced features in FileMaker Pro. Students will learn to control data entry using validations and by auto-entering data in text, number and date fields. FileMaker’s calculation capabilities will be explored through the creation of calculation fields using various useful functions including IF, Trim, and date functions. Students will create advanced reports using summary fields and parts and will group records in reports. Relationships will be created between fields in multiple tables to allow the display of information from related tables in layouts and by using portals. More advanced controls will be added on layouts including tabs, popovers and button bars. Students will learn to secure a database and to automate tasks using buttons and simple scripts. Throughout this course, the instructor will include numerous tips, tricks and shortcuts and each student will receive a full course manual.

Prerequisite: FileMaker Pro: Introduction or equivalent knowledge and skills.

Custom training: This course may be delivered at your site or ours as an instructor-led or virtual classroom solution. For more information including savings for custom group training, email us at or contact us by phone.

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  • Comprehensive course manual
  • Sample and exercise files
  • Refreshments (for classes conducted in Avantix Learning classrooms)
  • Certificate of completion
  • Follow-up email support

Course Topics

Entering and Editing Calculations

  • Creating calculation fields in FileMaker using operators and functions
  • Using the Replace command to replace data with a calculation
  • Using the IF or CASE functions in calculations to provide conditional results
  • Creating calculations using date and text functions

Managing Data Entry

  • Setting up auto-enter options based on a calculation
  • Using validation options with calculations
  • Replacing field contents with calculated results

Creating Reports

  • Inserting different parts in a report
  • Quickly viewing part information
  • Creating report layouts that summarize data at the beginning or end of a report using summary parts
  • Grouping data within reports and adding subtotals for each group
  • Creating reports that summarize by year and by month using date calculations
  • Using FileMaker’s report assistant/wizard
  • Previewing reports

Getting Started with FileMaker Automation

  • Creating buttons to navigate in FileMaker, add new records and perform other common actions
  • Creating simple scripts to automate common tasks
  • Running simple scripts using menus, shortcuts or triggers
  • Running scripts with buttons

Relationship Concepts

  • Using key fields to set up relationships between tables
  • Understanding the importance of data types
  • Specifying a primary key
  • Using table occurrences to create relationships

Working with Related Fields on Layouts

  • Placing fields from related tables in a layout
  • Using FileMaker’s portals to display multiple related records from a related table
  • Adding a button in a portal to go to a related record
  • Creating a lookup from another table to enter static data

Adding Other Types of Layout Objects

  • Adding tab controls to organize fields
  • Creating popover buttons
  • Adding button bars

Formatting Layouts with Themes and Styles

  • Overview of using themes and styles
  • Applying themes
  • Applying, modifying and saving styles
  • Saving new themes


  • Managing layouts in file folders and creating sub-menus
  • Hiding layouts

Managing Security Settings

  • Overview of security settings
  • Setting up an administrator account
  • Setting up groups
  • Adding users
  • Managing different levels of security

Extracting Information

  • Extracting user information and entering it into a field
  • Extracting summary information using formulas

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