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How to Create 3D References in Microsoft Excel

You can use 3D references in Excel formulas to calculate across multiple worksheets that are structured in the same way. A 3D reference refers to the same cell or range of cells on multiple worksheets.

How to Freeze Row and Column Headings in Microsoft Excel

As many Excel worksheets can become quite large, it can be useful to freeze row and column headings so that they are locked in place when you scroll through your worksheet. In Excel, you can freeze both row headings and column headings or just one.

10 Excel Tips for Working with the Subtotal Feature

You can insert subtotals in Microsoft Excel data sets or lists using the Subtotal feature. Check out these 10 great tips which include showing and hiding subtotals, formatting subtotals, copying only subtotals and grand totals and more …

5 Awesome Excel Chart Shortcuts

If you create a lot of charts in Excel, you’re probably looking for shortcuts to speed up creation and formatting. Here are 5 useful shortcuts you can use with your Excel charts.

10 More Excel Pivot Table Shortcuts

Since pivot tables are one of the most powerful tools in Microsoft Excel for summarizing data, we’ve compiled a list of 10 more keyboard shortcuts for pivot table users.

10 Great Excel Pivot Table Shortcuts

Check out these 10 great Excel pivot table keyboard shortcuts. You can use standard shortcuts using the Control key or use Alt to access the Ribbon and create pivot tables in different ways.

10 Microsoft Excel Magic Tricks with Flash Fill

Flash Fill is a great new tool that you can use to quickly clean or format data in your Excel workbooks. It can automatically extract, combine and format data without using a formula. It does seem like magic.

How to Access the Free Online Version of Microsoft Excel

Like PowerPoint and Word, you can access a free online version of Microsoft Excel and create simple workbooks online or open workbooks you or a colleague has created in the desktop version of Microsoft Excel in the online version.

How to Watch Cells for Real Time Updates in Microsoft Excel

Keep an Eye on Important Changes using Excel's Watch Window Posted by: Avantix Learning Team Posted: March 24, 2016 Applies to: Microsoft® Excel® 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 The Watch Window is an awesome tool that you can use in Excel to view changes to cells that are...

Extracting Data with Excel’s Amazing Flash Fill

Flash Fill is a tool you can use to automatically fill in values in a column in Microsoft Excel. It is available in Excel 2013 and later versions. Flash Fill is able to extract, format and string together data from another column or columns.

Zoom In and Out in Excel using a Mouse or Keyboard Shortcuts

Save Time in Microsoft Excel using Zoom Shortcuts by Avantix Learning Team | Updated July 12, 2017 Applies to: Microsoft® Excel® 2010 , 2013 and 2016 (Windows) One common thing that many Excel users want to be able to do quickly is zoom in and out in their Excel...

How to Lock an Excel Workbook with a Password

Create Passwords to Secure Your Excel Workbooks by Avantix Learning Team | Updated September 3, 2015 Applies to: Microsoft Excel 2010 (also applies to 2013) If you want to lock your Excel files and prevent other users from accessing or changing your workbooks,...

10 Tips for Printing Excel Worksheets Efficiently

Helpful Strategies for Printing Your Excel Data (and Saving Time and Paper) by Avantix Learning Team | Updated August 9, 2015 Applies to: Microsoft® Excel® 2010, 2013 and 2016 (Windows) Most users at one time or another have printed an Excel worksheet and been less...

Hiding Notes in Excel (Part 2: Writing Notes within a Formula)

How to Insert Notes in Formulas using a Function by Avantix Learning Team | Updated July 30, 2016 Applies to: Microsoft® Excel® 2010, 2013 and 2016 (Windows) In addition to adding comments in Excel, there is a relatively obscure function called the N function that you...

Hiding Notes in Excel (Part 1: Comments)

How to Easily Insert, Delete and Hide Comments in Excel by Avantix Learning Team | Updated July 18, 2016 Applies to: Microsoft® Excel® 2010, 2013 and 2016 (Windows) There are all kinds of things you can hide in Excel - worksheet tabs, formulas, rows and columns and...

Discover the Hidden Power of Excel’s Custom Views

Quickly Run Reports with Different Settings using Custom Views by Avantix Learning | Updated May 17, 2015 Applies to: Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013 You can display several variations of the same Excel worksheet with different print settings, filters and hidden columns...

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