Custom Training

On-site or Off-site

Custom on-site or off-site training offers many benefits including the ability to choose dates, customize content and save 50% or more with larger groups. To ensure the best experience for your staff, a maximum of 12 students is permitted in a custom training course.

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Our training specialists can travel to your location. View on-site training locations.

Male instructor in computer classroom with smiling students.

Discover the Benefits of Custom Training

Discover 3 key benefits with custom training: you choose the date, customize content and save (depending on the size of the group).

number one

Save up to 50%*

With larger groups, you can save up to 50% with custom training depending on the size of the group.
*Contact our staff for information regarding savings for different sizes of groups.

You choose the date

If scheduled dates aren’t convenient, you can arrange training at your site or in one of our Toronto classrooms. We’ll co-ordinate dates based on your preferences and the availability of our training specialist.

Number three

Customize the content

You can opt to customize the content of any of our courses by adding or removing topics. Arrange a consultation with one of our staff to review the content and we’ll work with you to arrange the best solution.

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