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10 Excel Tips for Working with the Subtotal Feature

You can insert subtotals in Microsoft Excel data sets or lists using the Subtotal feature. Check out these 10 great tips which include showing and hiding subtotals, formatting subtotals, copying only subtotals and grand totals and more …

10 Hidden Microsoft Word Features Every User Should Know

Here’s a list of 10 extremely useful hidden features in Microsoft Word. You can quickly remove and replace formatting, remove hidden text, change Word’s measurement system and perform many other useful tasks using these hidden tools.

10 Great Excel Pivot Table Shortcuts

Check out these 10 great Excel pivot table keyboard shortcuts. You can use standard shortcuts using the Control key or use Alt to access the Ribbon and create pivot tables in different ways.

10 Microsoft Excel Magic Tricks with Flash Fill

Flash Fill is a great new tool that you can use to quickly clean or format data in your Excel workbooks. It can automatically extract, combine and format data without using a formula. It does seem like magic.

How to Turn Off Automatic Text Resizing in PowerPoint

PowerPoint’s Autofit feature is set to automatically resize text in text boxes or placeholders. To stop this, you can turn off Autofit settings for all PowerPoint presentations on your computer or for a specific text box or placeholder.

How to Convert a Microsoft Access Report to PDF [3 Ways]

If you have Microsoft Access 2010 or a later version, you can easily convert your Access reports to PDF without using Adobe Acrobat Pro. Use the File tab or the External Data tab on the Ribbon or you can customize the Quick Access Toolbar.

10 Timesaving Shortcuts in Microsoft Access

Save time in Microsoft Access using these great keyboard shortcuts. We’re assuming you’re already using standard shortcuts like Ctrll + P to print, Ctrl + S to save and Ctrl + C to copy.

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